Legacy of Defeat fonts are ROYALTY FREE. This means you can use them in any way you see fit.  I don't believe in demanding rights for usage.  Use & Abuse!

The Basics

Fonts - They are far from perfect, but meant to be a tool for you to abuse.

Usage - No rules, just use as you see fit.

Third Party - I've never given permission to 3rd party sites placing my free fonts on their site. If you are a font whore leech site, fuck off.

Art Sites - If you are a site promoting artist and want to grab the free fonts to place on your site, I would be honored.  I just hate free font sites leeching.


Beer - Rumors are true, money is used to pad my beer money fund.  support my liver

Hydro74  - Yep, I designed all these.

Ass Cash or Grass - If you buy, awesome, if you just get the free fonts, awesome as well, but at least drop a thank you here and there.  


Email - joshua@hydro74.com

Web - hydro74.com

Twitter - hydro74

Instagram - hydrosevenfour

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Hide Social Icons - toggle the display of the template specific (non-social icon block) social icon links.